Everett "Chip" Perkins, Vice-President, Apogee Interactive:

"I finished reading One God - One Message. Honestly, I believe this is a very significant book - and we can thank the Lord for that. I appreciated a number of specific things:

1. Scriptures: I greatly enjoyed how you used specific Scriptures throughout the book to provide the backbone of the individual messages. I felt their application was appropriate, accurate, and with wisdom.

2. Organization: I liked the systematic theology - beginning to end - Genesis to Revelation - to convey a complete spiritual journey to Muslims and others.

3. Grace: Your gracious way of speaking and responding to Muslims was noteworthy. Oh that we would all deal with our unbelieving friends in such a manner, especially those that would actively seek our hurt.

4. Clever: I also noted the way you took advantage of what it says in the Qur'an to support the Biblical messages to Muslims. I certainly learned a ton of things about the Qur'an and Muslims.

5. Personal: It was great the way you used personal emails from Muslims as the springboard for many of the individual messages.

6. Intangible: In some mysterious way, I had a sense of drawing closer to the Lord as I read the book. There have been a few Christian books I have read in which I had this sense. You painted some pictures of theological and Biblical principles that I thought were particularly deep. Most of all, I think the pages of this book went a long way to convey the true and deeper heart of God. This was not just a book about facts. I have read many of those. This book reaches to the deeper part of our souls for God to touch.

7. Multifaceted: This book is not just for Muslims, but for any believer who needs to have their faith strengthened and anyone else who is searching for good answers to tough questions. You documented some systematic support for our faith that I have found no where else - what a great service!

I will join you in thanking our blessed Lord for His grace in providing you the burden, experience, insight, and discipline to write such a book."

Another Amazon review:

"Those that may be intimidated by this book's nearly 400 pages should not be. It is a very enjoyable book to read. The author has really written three books that could all be read individually or as a unit. The author even provides guidance for readers to determine where in the book they should start. The last 33 pages are endnotes, which provide information on sources for further study.

While the intended audience for this book is Muslims and Christians, it can be used for other religious groups as well. The concepts and challenges that this book addresses are really universal to any people group that wants to understand the message of the Bible.

This book is more than a survey of the Bible and theology. It also provides a great deal of apologetic material as well. The author is not trying to respond to the "ivory tower scholars", but the "man on the street" who is asking genuine questions.

The author has written this book to appeal to Westerners and non-Westerners alike. He does this in a number of ways. In particular, he relies on a lot of tribal and Arabic proverbs that reveal nuggets of truth that can be understood by people of any culture.

I wish that this book had been around when I started my ministry to Muslims a couple of years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and work. Even after Bible College and a couple of year’s experience, I still found that I had much to learn from this book."

I recommend this book for those that want to learn more about the Bible's message or who want to learn how to teach the Bible. I also recommend this to those that need an apologetic resource to meet the challenges presented to them by various religious and cultic groups.